August 9, 2013

The Events

Carver Half Marathon

A fantastic mix of run for fun participants and highly tuned athletes. For those of a competitive nature this is the ideal environment – 13 miles of pain and suffering culminating in an unbelievable high. For the rest its a personal challenge, a day to remember and fantastic atmosphere where everyone is up for it.

Banks’s 10k Run

Remember Fun is the word, if you are competing against the clock, your friends or even yourself to finish this distance, you are sure to enjoy yourself. Just make sure you leave the Banks’s sampling until after the race!

Cousins 20k Cycle / Wheelchair Event

This is a cracker of an event where everyone gets to take part. One rule only, its got to be on wheels and man powered. You can take your choice whether you want to head up the road on a pelaton busting breakaway and compete with the big boys or take a more leisurely pace and enjoy the route. There’s sure to be some great times recorded by bike or the wheelchair athletes, but once again the emphasis is FUN, whether you get your kicks out of trying for a personal best or coasting along with one of the kids on the back!

Callprint Walk in the Park

Raising money for charity really doesn’t have to be strenuous. Take a nice stroll round the park at your own pace whilst supporting our amazing charities.

Childrens Mini Marathon

This is one for the kids. Hugely popular and getting more so every year, this event is a fun run for the next generation of aspiring athletes. So get the rug rats off the sofa, put down the Playstation and get your youngsters up and running.