We are on ( Kinda)

After a week of awkward and lengthy conversations with leisure, public health and Safety Advisory group we are kinda on!!!! (all still subject to a local lockdown)

We knew that the event in the the city or the park would not happen for a number of reasons so we put in proposals for an event at Aldersley Stadium which has gone through.

We need to get some full details out to you which i have been working on over the last couple of days and there are still a few unknowns (finish line, bit more course measurement and so on).  We had a really positive meeting on Thursday and then we came home to the news that London Marathon had changed its plans for 2020 and so felt it prudent to let Wolverhampton Council double check with themselves about the event and they came back with the same decision. YES!

We have a cap on entries of 500 across the day and it will be run as a time trial format throughout the day. with it being rather overly organised in terms of attendance, starts and racing in general.

What we would like to do next is run a QA session over Facebook Today (09/08/2020) at 1500 hrs and re-open entries at 1800 hrs.

It will be a very different type of event from what you are used to i am afraid but still full of running goodness and medals.  We understand that this isn’t what you agreed to when you entered earlier on this year but actually that type of event for the foreseeable future will not exist.