Carver Wolverhampton Marathon Events 2017
Carver Wolverhampton
Marathon Events

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Events available for the whole family!

Carver Marathon

A fantastic 26 mile run with an unbeatable atmosphere where everyone is up for it!

Go to Half Marathon

Half Marathon

Costumed or lycra’d up, take your pick. However you do it, its sure to be 13 miles of fun!

Go to 10k Run

10k Run

Competing against the clock, friends or even yourself. You, the road and a 10k journey.

Cycle Events

One rule only, its got to be on wheels and man powered.

Walk in the park

No winning required. Take a stroll round West Park whilst raising money for a great cause!

Mini Marathon

Get the rug rats off the sofa, put down the Playstation and get your youngsters up and running.

"What you said"

We know we run an amazing day of events... but don't take our word for it...

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